26 May 2018

Season opening in Vyrka Kaluga Country Golf Club

Season opening in Vyrka Kaluga Country Golf Club
Participants of the first tournament in Vyrka Kaluga Country Golf Club

The first tournament in this season was held on 26th of May and attracted more than 100 guests from Kaluga, Kozelsk and Moscow.

Moderators prepared an eventful programme for all outdoor enthusiasts.

After a solemn opening ceremony the guests got acquainted with the massive project of the club village with a golf course and an academy. Then, Andrey and Oleg Milekhin taught a masterclass for those who took the club for the first time. Oleg showed the main strokes and Andrey explained the rules and the philosophy of the game.

After the "friendly" briefing the participants assembled teams. The competition was held on the academic 3-hole course. 5 teams of 5 players in each enthusiastically got into the game and finished 9 holes. 

The winner was the team of Oleg Milekhin, the team of Elena and Maria Milekhina was second, the team of Evgeniy Padrov was third. 

Those who wasn't able to take part in the golf tournament had an opportunity to play petanque.

However, there were no losers that day. Spirit of a famous sport principle - it's not about winning, it's about taking part - reigned in the club. Finally, positive emotions and joy of mutual rest were the best award for all guests.