25 February 2020

«Orange Golf» in Kaluga Country Golf Club

«Orange Golf» in Kaluga Country Golf Club
In February Vyrka Golf Club held a unique tournament named "Orange Golf". The event included participation in three disciplines - winter, disc and mini golf. Such mix of sport events in one tournament was held in Russia for the first time ever.

Vyrka Golf Club is located in Kaluga region and borders on two grey geron sanctuaries in the flood plain of the Oka and Lake Vyrka. Thereby we create good, relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the club. On February, 8th golfers and family members gathered to congratulate Andrey Milekhin, an ardent golfer and ex-chairman of the Tour-10, on his birthday. After a quick nosh and tour of the golf club the guests proceeded to the main part of the event.

Among the participants were Vyrka Golf Club's members and famous golfers, represented the leading golf clubs of Russia and Kazakhstan:  Aleksey Krylov, Vladimir Tatarintsev, Kairzhan Meyrambekov, Kirill Kruglyanskiy, Sergey Lazarev, Larisa Sidorova and Aleksey Sidorov. After falling into four teams the competitors get at the first stage - winter golf. Greens of a 3-holed academic course and a beautiful weather worked in golfers' favor.  Three tightly contested rounds on three holes were deadlocked: three out of four teams played par and had to define the best team in the next stage - disc golf.

9-holed disc golf course which is one of few in Russia, allows us to hold a full competition in disc golf. However, we decided to try golfers' strength just at two holes, in order to finish the competition before dark. After a short drill the participants started to hit the baskets. The two most difficult holes brought the golfers to made efforts to play the course successfully. And again two teams gained the lead with the even score. The winner of the tournament was determined only in mini golf.



So, these are the results:

4th place: Vitaliy Eremeev, Vladimir Tatarintsev (captain), Andrey Shaulin, Evgeniy Padrov and Ivan Milekhin

3rd place: Kirill Kruglyanskiy, Mikhail Knyazev, Andrey Milekhin (captain) and Sergey Lazarev

2nd place: Aleksey Krylov (captain), Kairzhan Meyrambekov, Oleg Milekhin, Vadim Fisenko and Aleksandr Okunev

1st place: Dmitriy Kvashin, Aleksey Sidorov (captain), Larisa Sidorova, Mariya Milekhina and Elena Milekhina

Overall the guests had experienced pleasure and enhanced their golf skill at this unforgettable event!