30 September 2017

First tournament in Vyrka Kaluga Country Golf Club

First tournament in Vyrka Kaluga Country Golf Club

Vyrka Golf Club held the first golf tournament on September, 30th. 

Before the game guests watched the presentation of a driving range and a 3-hole academic course where they were going to test their skills.


The participants divided into 3 teams and started to take over the course. Despite a windy weather the golfers were able to overcome the element and finish three scheduled rounds.

The team of Andrey Milekhin — Evgeniy Padrov, Vitaliy Eremeev, Yakov Kazackiy and Roman Evstratov — came third.

Bronze medalists

The second place in a seriuos struggle was taken by the team of Elena Milekhina: Anna Padrova, Maria Milekhina, Viktoriya Golobokova and Matvey Eremeev.

Silver medalists

First place by a long shot was the team of Oleg Milekhin: Dmitriy Kvashin, Vitaliy Golobokov, Daniil Kvashin and Konstantin Sotsckov.

The winners

Awarding ceremony where every participants got a cup and a medal was continued by the discussion of executed work and future development of the golf club. The event was finished by festive ballooning and photoshoot.