Dear friends,
Welcome to the website of Vyrka Kaluga Country Golf Club!

A few years ago we have taken on a scale project of a golf club in the Kaluga region. Its location is truly unique — the territory borders on two grey heron national parks in floodplain of Oka river and lake Vyrka. Nature landscape and talent of Icelandic golf-architect Edwin Roald have allowed to create a modern and thought-out project.

The main idea of the golf club is conservation of traditional game values and promotion of golf among the youngsters. We try to make golf more available, easier and cheaper so any guest can enjoy the game and atmosphere of the club.

The golf club will be fitted with modern infrastructure which provides comfortable living in eco-friendly nook: Golf Academy, shopping mall, sport zone, Clubhouse, community facilities, etc. For those who want to share our hobby and tap into club values, we are ready to offer different options for partnership.

We have already held two tournaments in 2018, and there’s more interesting and eventful development path to come. We offer a fully ready 3-hole academic golf course where you can attend training sessions 3 times a week. Also, our golf course is open for different events. All friends, clients and partners are welcome to become part of the big family of Vyrka Kaluga Country Golf Club!

Andrey Milekhin,
Member of Executive Board

Evgeniy Padrov,
Chairman of the Golf Club

Vyrka Kaluga Country Golf Club is a unique place on the outskirts of Kaluga, on the shores of Lake Vyrka, among a pinewood and grey heron national park, with a comfortable access to the developed infrastructure.
Promotion of golf in Russia among the young generation is the main value of Vyrka Kaluga Country Golf Club. Even now you can enjoy golf on the 3-hole academic course and the driving range.
Vyrka Kaluga Counry Golf Club is a modern territory for living and sport, unity with the nature via Scottish golf traditions and beauty of homenature. It is safety, environmental friendliness, status, unanimity and mutual hobbies with surrounding people.